What We Do

Whether it’s a one-off high impact meeting, or a multi-year leadership programme, Explore Performance helps develop leaders and teams to build a competitive advantage through high performance

How We Work

Every organisation has independent objectives, and faces different challenges, so there's no such thing as a typical programme. Using our experience and connections, we tailor our approach and bring some of the most innovative and unique learning solutions to create a bespoke programme suited for your business.

All our programmes can be delivered face-to-face and virtually. Check out some of our solutions below:


Adventure Simulations

Explore Performance uses the backdrop of our adventurers and strategic partners real life expeditions to create interactive video based workshops that can be delivered in the safety of your office or on a virtual platform like Zoom.

Many of our team are in the Guinness Book of Records for world first expeditions. They have summited Everest, rowed across oceans, surfed the biggest waves in the world and crossed continents all by human power.

We use these experiential simulations as a powerful tool to examine high performance and bring to life key skills that underpin topics such as Resilience, Teamwork & Collaboration, Innovation and Change Management.

Interactive Keynotes

Our interactive keynote presentations are a perfect tool to launch or close an event. We emotionally engage participants and get them in the right mindset to think about their business priorities.

We’re able to tailor our approach to ensure we meet your objectives and leave participants feeling motivated and inspired to do things differently.

Why not explore integrating one of our interactive keynotes throughout your next meeting or event?

Explore Performance Interactive Keynotes

Team Health Assessments

Team Health Assessments enable our team to have data driven conversations so we can move the needle on performance. Typically we use these when working closely with intact teams.

We are tool agnostic and sometimes leverage data and frameworks which our clients are already using, however the Belbin Team Profiling is a powerful tool to help put science to the process of the team building.

At Explore Performance we integrate Belbin into our team development and decision-making programs. The Belbin system is based on nine years of research on teams conducted at the Henley Business School. The findings demonstrate that high intellect teams were often outperformed by teams of lower intellect. The reason being that intellect is not the driving factor of a teams performance, but rather balance is the key.