Mark Mathews: Life Beyond Fear Virtual Webinar Experience – 12th June @ 10.30am SGT

Explore Performance Virtual Experience on June 12th at 10.30am SGT

Mark Mathews is one of the best big wave surfers in the world. Obsessed with the relationship between personal growth, high performance and fulfilment, Mathews provides you with tips and techniques to successfully strengthen ones mindset and sustain long-term performance.



During this 60 minute virtual experience:

+ Avoid the “crash and burn” cycle by converging fear‐based habits to positive lifestyle patterns

+ Access the mental rewire secrets used by elite athletes: simple and actionable tools that promote nervous system health

+ Discover counter intuitive techniques to disrupt negative mental perceptions to naturally increase innovation and drive

To register for the 60 minute session on 12th June at 10.30am SGT click on the link below: